NaNoWriMo 2016 : Day 7

I failed to mention I am buying a house; so yeah, that’s happening.

I am 4000 words deep into unknown territory. I have never written so much and thought “Hey, this isn’t utter bullshit…


My plans to cut out the superhero aspect totally did not go out the window. I decided my torment and hatred for movies about superheroes needed time in the limelight, and a hilarious story about an evil batman-like detective with a liking for cheese seems like the right time, if any, to get it of my chest.

Also, Alan Partridge references, nudity and decapitated heads will be featuring in those first 4000 words, with much more trashy content to follow.

I’m hoping to move into my new home this month, so at least I have an excuse if I don’t finish. Pray to Cheesus that I do!


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