My first flash fiction of 2017, and one that is found quite close to home for me.

This week’s challenge, courtesy of Chuck Wendig, is to write of an act of rebellion (in less than 1000 words).

After reading the stories, poems and essays of others, I see a trend of modern stories of fighting oppression. Therefore, I have decided to write of rebellion from a page of history – namely, one that took place a couple of miles away from where I am writing, 200 years ago.

The Pentrich Revolution took place in June 1817, after a series of events that wrought havoc on Britain (such as American Independence, the changes with industry and mining, and the famous “year without summer” caused by the Mount Tambora eruption which devistated agriculture). Local men took arms and lead a mob to revolt, only to be stopped 12 miles into their march. In fact, my walking buddies Craig and John have ancestors that marched that day (a local pub has a placard with names of those caught for taking part in the mob – some executed, some imprissoned, and some exiled to Australia).

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Nanowrimo 2016 – 2 months later

HAPPY 2017!!!

Following a house move, Christmas, New Year, and other excuses, it would shock nobody that 50,000 words did not RSVP.

Instead of continuing, I have decided to post below the 4,409 words, or a meagre 8.818%, of the challenge.

To give you an idea of what  I had envisioned, it was to be a comedy detective thriller, whereby an ex-super villain (with a delightful liking for cheese) returns from retirement after failing to withdraw the action and bloodshed o-so common with villainy. He is shocked to see how modern day villains are micro-managed, so he takes it upon his dairy-filled self to teach these robot-like desk-slave villains how to villain hard!

Anyway…I hope these first 4,000 words sound like the start to something like that…


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NaNoWriMo 2016 : Day 7

I failed to mention I am buying a house; so yeah, that’s happening.

I am 4000 words deep into unknown territory. I have never written so much and thought “Hey, this isn’t utter bullshit…


My plans to cut out the superhero aspect totally did not go out the window. I decided my torment and hatred for movies about superheroes needed time in the limelight, and a hilarious story about an evil batman-like detective with a liking for cheese seems like the right time, if any, to get it of my chest.

Also, Alan Partridge references, nudity and decapitated heads will be featuring in those first 4000 words, with much more trashy content to follow.

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NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 1

I recently heard that November was the National Book Writing month and that a community of writers, authors, artist,  musicians and poets come together for something called NaNoWriMo; a month long challenge to write a novel in 30 days (or 50,000 words, our just the draft, or a song, or a comic, our anything else… the rules seen rather flexible).

I reacted rather dimly… not my cuppa tea… but a cool idea nonetheless. I didn’t really think much of it, until I clicked through an “archive” of works I have from the past 5 years. Most of it is utter drivel, sober ramblings, or something less altogether, but I wondered…  what could I do it I put the pedal to the metal,  and have a none stop grind, caffeine addicted, and 60 miles per hour driven attempt with no regrets.

So I am giving NaNoWriMo a go. Whether I write a novel, a draft or a mess of words that clogs like chunky vomit, at least I can try again next year. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Scary Story Challenge UPDATE

The flash fiction challenge set by Chuck Wendig for October was well received, with many taking on the three week, act-by-act scary story collaboration.

Now it is over, I want to share the blogs that continued stories I submitted.

For my Act One (featuring a fat man and a toilet), this story was continued by two brave writers who (somehow) saw something in my semi-claustrophobic thriller (?). Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Scary Story Challenge 3/3

Welcome to Act 3 of 3 for the Chuck Wendig flash fiction challenge, where scary stories come in thirds, each section prepped and baked by a different writer.

Of the two acts I have already submitted, I feel obliged to confess that I struggled with both. However, I happily look back at my Act 1 beginning (about a fat man in a bathroom) and my Act 2 continuation (about a man with a shiny trinket) as I enjoyed both.

Then, Act 3 – or the conclusion – rolled around (as to be expected) and… ruddy hell… I properly enjoyed this! So much that, for the first time, I have ignored the 1,000 word limit and chucked a full 1,400 words together to conclude the story created by Rosemary Carlson’s Act 1 and Daniel “StarNinja” Gomez’s Act 2.

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Flash Fiction: Scary Story Challenge 2/3

Happy scary-story-challenge to all.

Following from the Flash Fiction challenge of last week (via Chuck Wendig’s blog) a horde of “first 1000 word acts of a three-act scary story” stories have been released to the masses, in hope that some souls out there can add onto them. Next week, we will (hopefully) see the third and final act added, but this week is all about that delicious middle part.

You can spy on my first act here, submitted last week and (fingers crossed) may be adopted by someone interested in continuing a story about a fat man stuck in a toilet (seriously, have a read if that interests you!).

BUT – less about that, and more about my second act attempt at a first act submitted by Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Scary Story Challenge 1/3

Here is another stab at the flash fiction corpse; this time involving a scary three-act story where I start my spooky tale and end the first third within 1000 words (hoping that we will end with a story born from a threesome… or something along those lines).

Inspired by a challenge set by Chuck Wendig, I hope to continue next week and add 1000 words onto someone else’s first act. Who knows! Maybe someone will pick up and continue my attempt at a scary first act

You can read up all the other scary flashes of 1000 first words here (http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2016/10/07/flash-fiction-challenge-a-scary-story-part-one/) but here be mine. Enjoy.

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Flash Fiction: Swindle in a Haystack

From last weeks delve into flash fiction, I went back to see what nuggets of wisdom Chuck Wendig had on his jolly ole’ blog (which you can see here). And what did I see to my astonishment?

Another cool website that generated prompts at random. This time, the random Dungeons and Dragons character generator, aptly titled “Who the Fuck is my D&D character“.

I won’t lie – I loved this one more than the Idiomatic website from last week. Again, I don’t usually do this… but something drove me to write this (in fact, I think it had something to do with the character I was assigned upon opening the website for the first time…

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Flash Fiction: Fluid Fathers

I have been checking in on the blog for author Chuck Wendig for some time now. I have enjoyed his articles and rants, and I’m sure his books are fine too.

Every now and again a flash fiction challenge appears, with creative subjects to delve into. I rarely do this, but I felt obligated to try a recent challenge after discovering a website called The Idiomatic through Mr Wendig’s blog, where random idioms are spliced together.

The task; to write a story that features one of the many Frankenstein’s monsters of idioms that appear from the Idiomatic’s churning belly.

My first visit had this jumble of words staring back at me: “A drowning man is an island”. I adopted it with drying arms which inspired the less-than-thousand-word story below.


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